Never Forget A Major Sales Day For Your Store Again

Set reminders for holidays, sales events, and campaigns. Get campaign ideas to drive sales for your e-commerce store. Tag each day with an activity and get reminders

The Ultimate 2022 Ecommerce Holiday Calendar

Reach out to your customers on special days and holidays using Sendmunk’s 2022 Ecommerce Holiday Calendar. Bond with your customers by celebrating special days and holidays with them.

Click on any of the months to view the holiday calendar for that month

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4 Steps To Using This Holiday Calendar

Every year has set out days to celebrate special events. Celebrate these events with your customers to bond with them. Create campaigns that drive sales to your store. Watch these campaigns drive sales.
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    Pick one holiday a month

    Choose one holiday to send email campaigns in a month to your customers. Set reminders to celebrate your customer’s birthdays, and special holidays.

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    Send emails and texts

    Schedule emails and texts to commemorate the special holidays, birthdays or make an awareness

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    Offer Lead Magnet

    Use offer leads to drive traffic and boost sales. Discounts, promo codes, and coupons increase sales faster than ever.

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    Drive sales

    Follow through with the first three steps and watch your sales skyrocket

Get Inspiration for Your Next Email Campaign

Sendmunk provides you with numerous email templates to use for your email campaigns, special holidays, and other events.