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Sendmunk’s features help you get more out of your audience with minimum effort

Personalized Email Marketing

Sendmunk provides you with tools that let you spend less time setting up email campaigns without losing the human touch.

From creating Plain-text Emails to HTML-based Emails and the in betweens, Sendmunk’s Email Marketing features set you up for the best results with minimum effort and ensures your emails land right in your contacts’ inbox, and not spam folders.

Websites. Landing Pages and Funnels

Get your products and services seen online in minutes by building your websites, and converting funnel pages in minutes to start generating leads. 2-steps opt-in can be enabled for Landing Pages built in Sendmunk and they are also GDPR-compliant.

Choose from our numerous already done-for-you templates and tweak in the editor. Better still; create custom pages fast with pre-built content blocks in our Drag & Drop Page Builder.

Subscribers’ Forms

Grow your audience with varieties of GDPR-compliant Embedded, Pop-up, Welcome mat, Top-bar, Scroll box subscribe forms, ranging from Basic opt-in form, Quiz opt-in forms, to Calculator opt-in forms and Polls opt-in forms. Ease your visitors into handing over their contacts with 2-step Opt-in options. You can pick from our Subscribe Forms templates’ gallery to get started quickly.

Newsletter Templates

Save time in getting your email campaign ready by choosing from the variety of email newsletter templates. There is a template design for every type of email you intend to send. Simply customize with the easy-to-use editor to make it yours.

You can as well create your own Newsletter templates in our editor and save for use in subsequent campaigns without having to re-invent the wheels.

Drag & Drop Newsletter Editor

Create beautiful newsletters on the fly with pre-built mobile-optimized newsletter blocks and contents elements. You can as well create a newsletter from scratch by pasting your HTML code in the editor.

The pre-designed blocks in the editor include text, video, image, discount content blocks, and more. Just drag and drop blocks where you want them, then customize to make them yours. Custom HTML editor and Rich text editor makes customization highly flexible.


Improve your email marketing results by giving your emails and newsletters a human feel using custom fields within your emails to add contacts' personal information such as name, company name, birthdays, and more.

No-Lists Contacts Management

Save some money on your subscription plan with Sendmunk. Sendmunks’ No-Lists Contacts Management approach helps you avoid contact duplication which usually accompanies the multiple List approach. Instead, use tags and segmentation to easily organize your single list.

Email Validation and List Hygiene

Validate your contacts’ email addresses and purge contacts list of inactive emails to improve your overall email deliverability and results.

No-Code Marketing Automation

Sendmunk’s Automation Builder lets you use clicks and not codes to combine all your messaging channels; emails, SMS, and messenger into a single campaign workflow that smoothly executes automatically.


Automated Campaign Sequence

Create a step-by-step sequence of emails or/and SMS to be delivered based on your contacts’ interactions with your campaign, using your set of predefined rules.

You can fast-track the process with our Automation Templates that allow you to get started with popular pre-set automations such as Welcome Email Series, Follow-up Emails and more.


Event-Triggered Emails

Sendmunk’s Ecommerce Store Integration lets you engage customers in a timely fashion with event-triggered emails and notifications. These emails and notifications are sent out based on contacts' activities in your store.

This feature lets you create automated Cart-Abandonment Recovery Emails/SMS, Push Notifications, Order Completion Emails, as well as Purchase Follow-Up Emails.


RSS to Campaign

Curate contents from your website based on contacts’ activities and have them sent as email contents. You can auto-create and deliver Blog Round-up Newsletters and other dynamic contents with Sendmunk’s RSS Campaign feature.

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Messaging and Push Notifications

Stay on top of your audience’s minds and reach them where they are through multiple channels right from Sendmunk’s platform.


SMS Marketing

Send personalized and targeted SMS to your contacts’ pockets in just a few clicks, either as a standalone campaign or as part of an automated email campaign workflow.

SMS ChatBot

Create SMS ChatBot logic with clicks, to automatically qualify leads, answer questions, and provide customer services.



Integrate Facebook messenger into your automated campaign workflow to stay in touch with your Facebook audience.


Push Notifications

Reach your audience directly with instant notifications on their devices even without their email contacts. With a one-click subscription to your notifications by site visitors, you can reach them via their web browsers to deliver instant notifications to their devices about products’ discount offers, flash sales , new content releases and more.

Social, Insights & UTM Tracking


Advanced Analytics and Reporting

Sendmunk’s powerful analytics and reporting features help you slice and dice your campaign performance data to the thinnest metrics.


Actionable Campaign Insights

Easily identify what is working and where to pick up the slack with campaign performance metrics. These metrics include clicks, open rates, and views that can be further drilled down into geographical, device and browser types levels.

You can as well get an at-a-glance overview of campaigns performance from a simplified dashboard.


UTM Tracking

Track email campaigns and contents performance by tagging links shared in emails with UTM parameters from third-party analytics platforms such as Google Analytics. This helps you identify which content is sending traffic to your website or the product page.


Polls & Surveys

Use the in-mail surveys and polls features to gather useful insights about your contacts.

Account Management


Create subaccounts to independently manage multiple businesses, blogs or stores in Sendmunk. Subaccounts lets you manage multiple clients’ businesses as an agency, while keeping things organized.

Teams and Permissions

Work collaboratively with your team by inviting your team members onboard while defining each team member’s access levels to the account. You can choose to grant an owner or editor access permissions.

2-Clicks Integrations with Your Favourite Web Services

  • Ecommerce Stores
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  • Webinar Services
  • Affiliates Management Platforms
  • Survey and Quizzes Tools
  • Customer Retention and Loyalty Platforms
  • CRMs
  • Email Verification Services
  • Google and Facebook Ads Platforms
  • Zapier Integration

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