No Code Marketing Automation

Double down on your revenue by creating event-based campaigns with Sendmunk.

Easy Automated Campaign Sequence

Create an email and/or SMS sequence by setting up pre-defined rules.
These step-by-step messages are delivered based on specific user interaction with your website. Thereby providing a super personalized experience for your customers.
Great for your onboarding messaging sequence, abandoned carts prompts, post-purchase follow-up and so much more.

No Code Needed

Set up automated marketing messages by creating trigger conditions. All without a single line of code. So you or any other member of your team can run a sequence as soon as you need it.

Free Templates to Get Started with

Spend less time designing by using any of the available pre-set templates on Sendmunk. You can easily modify any template sequence to fit the specifics of your business or brand.

Design Marketing Automations that Just Work

Create a unique experience for customers on your website and drive more sales. Start by creating a free Sendmunk account today.