Permissions and Subaccounts

Run your own in-house agency and creating lasting clientele relationships with Sendmunk for free

Manage Multiple Clients

Create several marketing campaigns for different clients with Sendmunk’s sub-accounts.
You can independently manage multiple stores, businesses, and even blogs from the same main account by creating sub-accounts to run each business.
Every client’s data is organized and properly stored for easy management.

Assign Projects to Team Members in Charge

Because every client is different, you can grant your team members specific access levels and permissions so they can work on certain areas where they are needed.
Transfer ownership, give edit access or comment only permissions. You can also change these permissions at any time.

Track All Changes

Your super admin access gives you a bird’s eye view. So you can track activities across all sub-accounts for campaign optimization. You also have a centralized dashboard for easy reporting and referencing.

Run Multiple Businesses

Managing two or more stores? Create unique experiences and a lasting client relationship with Sendmunk. Create a free account to get started.