SMS Chatbots

Connect faster with your customers through Sendmunk’s SMS chatbots

Easy to Create

Create SMS chatbots that just work right with simple logic. With the drag and drop editor, you can get yours running in no time.

More than Customer Service

Your chatbot allows you to respond to your customers as soon as they have an inquiry to make. Save time, and human resources and close more deals. You can also use it to gather customer feedback about your product/service through surveys.

Nurture More Leads

With a Sendmunk Chatbot, you can automatically qualify leads based on their interests, answer their follow-up questions and nurture them into actual paying customers.
This data can be used to improve running campaigns and workflows.

Consistent Human Touch

Design prompts and SMS responses so they feel very personalized. The conversations will also be forwarded to a customer support representative for more complex requests.

Never Miss a Question

Create a conversational chatbot and stay on top of all customer inquiries. Start by creating a free Sendmunk account today.