Connect Better with Your Customers via SMS Marketing

Communicate directly with your contacts by sending targeted text messages with Sendmunk

Deliver Urgent Messages in One Tap

Send promotional and bulk SMS campaigns in one tap. Take it up a notch with MMS campaigns by including GIFs or images.
Simply curate your message, choose your recipient contact list, and schedule.

Connect to Your Running Email Campaigns

Send SMS campaigns as part of your running email workflows to provide a more omnichannel user experience for your customers.

Reach International Contacts

Sendmunk supports all country codes so you can deliver your SMS campaigns to anyone in the world.

Track Engagement

Analyze how well your SMS campaigns run by tracking multi-level engagements and how well they affect conversions on your store.
With the data-driven insights from your reports, you can further optimize your SMS campaigns for better results.

Affordable SMS Credits

Pay for SMS credits based on your monthly needs and buy at rates specific to your recipient country.

Set Up an SMS Campaign

Start sending tailored SMS campaigns that just convert. Signup for a free Sendmunk account to get started.