Save time with Sendmunk by collaborating on the specific details of your marketing messages and campaigns.

Invite Members of Your Team to Collaborate

On Sendmunk, you can invite your colleagues to work on important projects with you.
This feature allows your teammates to log into a shared account so you can work together in real-time. You can also review the analytics of past campaigns and strategize for upcoming ones.

Grant Access Levels Based on Roles

Assign roles and permissions to members of your team based on their collaborative input. You can choose to give full or limited access across certain areas of your Sendmunk account.

Audit Trail

Track changes that have happened as a result of your team invite. See what updates have occurred, who made the changes, and compare it with the previous version.

Admin Account Management

Edit account permissions, add comments and oversee every team activity. This will help you manage all running campaigns effectively.

Work Better with Your Team

Get all insights and create more optimized messaging with your team on Sendmunk. Create a free account to see how it works.