Create The Bond For Your Next Sale

Every sale starts with prospects nurturing and repeated sales are obtained through constant customer engagement. Sendmunk is built to ease the process of nurturing and constant engagement.

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One Platform. Multiple Engagement Channels. A Better Bond

Sendmunk gives you a better shot at your next sale by making it extremely easy to keep your audience engaged just the way they prefer.

Marketing Automation

Use Sendmunk’s Automation workflow and SMS ChatBot Builders to reach your audience automatically. Tag & segment subscribers.

Websites (Funnels), Landing Pages & Forms

Grow your audience by creating websites highly-converting funnel/ landing pages and smart subscribe forms on the fly

Messaging & Push Notifications

Take customers’ engagement to the next level with SMS/MMS, Messenger and Push Notifications.

Engage the Right Way

Reach your audience through their preferred channels and coordinate interactions right from Sendmunk, a multi-channel outreach platform, while ensuring you do not lose the human touch in your interaction.

Made Possible With:

  • check_circle Personalized Email Marketing
  • check_circle SMS Messaging/Marketing
  • check_circle Segmentation
  • check_circle Messenger & Push Notifications
  • check_circle Polls, Surveys, Calculators & Quizzes
  • check_circle Tag-based Contact management (No lists)

Take Care of Details and Create Better Experience with Smart Automations

Create automation workflows with predefined rules based on behavioral patterns, to automatically deliver the right emails and messages to the right contacts, at the right time.

  • Automated Campaign Sequences
  • RSS to Campaign
  • SMS ChatBot
  • Event-Triggered Emails

Grow Your Audience

Reach your audience and lock them in with Sendmunk’s list building tools with ease. Sendmunk helps increase your opt-in rates with features that make it easy for you to offer incentives in lead capturing

Made Possible With:

  • Landing Pages, Websites and Funnels

  • Social Advertising

  • Smart Email Capture Forms (with 2-step opt-in option and GDPR compliance)

  • Polls, Surveys, Calculators & Quizzes opt-in forms for better engagement

Organize Contacts List Smartly To Get More Value

Sendmunk lets you validate, sort, and group your contacts list. The outcome is a clean contacts list and a well-engaged audience as you can automatically tailor content for each segment of your list. You can synchronize your contacts list in Sendmunk with social ads platforms for retargeting.

Made Possible With:

  • check_circle Contacts Tags & Segments
  • check_circle Smart import/ Export, Auto-tagging & Auto-segmentation
  • check_circle Contacts-Social Ads Sync
  • check_circle Contact List Hygiene & Email Validation

2-Clicks Integrations with Your Favourite Web Services

  • Ecommerce Stores
  • Membership and Course Builders
  • Webinar Services
  • Affiliates Management Platforms
  • Survey and Quizzes Tools
  • Customer Retention and Loyalty Platforms
  • CRMs
  • Email Verification Services
  • Google and Facebook Ads Platforms
  • Zapier Integration
  • 99% Uptime & Email deliverability monitoring
  • Email Validation & Best email practices
  • Dedicated Deliverability Engineers
  • Contact list Hygiene

Get Your Emails & Messages Seen Always

Sendmunk is big on deliverability, to always ensure emails are delivered right into your contacts’ inbox while SMS and push notifications get seen always.

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